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November 24, 2017
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January 5, 2018
  • I have been going to Dr. Ashley Venier for 7 years now and every visit has been pleasant.  He is gentle, kind and wonderful with my children.  I highly recommend him!
  • EXCELLENT dentist.  I was so afraid of going to the dentist, but Ashley Venier is very kind and explains everything very well and always makes sure that I am comfortable.  The staff is very nice also.  I’ll never go to a different dentist if I can help it!
  • I lucked out with Dr. Ashley Venier.  I moved from Prince George and went to a different dentist until I went to see Dr. Ashley.  From the first time I saw him I was informed of my diagnosis and Dr. Venier explained in great detail what procedure he needed to do and when he would need to do it.  For such a young guy he is great, great, great!!!!
  • Just got back from getting two fillings and it was fantastic.  I didn’t even feel the two shots and no pain throughout.  Very helpful and answered all my questions in detail and completely.  I have severe anxiety and panic attack issues but didn’t experience anything from my trip to his office.  I had Dr. Ashley Venier and will be going back next week and for once I am not dreading going to the dentist.  Very Nice and gentle and would recommend him.  The experience was fast, easy and painless!!
  • A knowledgeable dentist.  I used to see his father, and have seen his brother as well.  I will keep going to Ashley and their practice as long as I live within driving distance.
  • Love Ashley!  He is a great dentist!  He is so kind and thorough.  Not only was the dental work great but he was understanding of my financial situation and worked with me so I could get my dental work done and keep my teeth.
  • My family has been with Dr. Hoffard for many years and must say he is first class!! Would never go to anyone else!
  • My family and I have had our dental needs taken care of by Dr. Aldo Venier and his team since they opened their office on Marshall Road.  Dr. Aldo Venier set the standard and everyone followed his positive example.  When Dr. Aldo Venier retired our care was taken over by Dr. Mike Hoffard and we could not be happier.  We will continue with his practice for many years to come.
  • I could not be more complimentary of the attention to detail and patient care Dr. Hoffard exhibited.
  • This dentist is amazing!  He has fixed all my teeth.  He is so kind and gentle, looks at your needs ,does what is necessary.  I’d recommend Dr. Hoffard to anyone! :)
  • Dr. Hoffard and his staff are the best.  I was very embarrassed about my teeth but they made me feel comfortable and now my smile is the best it has ever been!
  • Dr. Ryan Venier is a young dentist that makes me smile.  He is extremely helpful and really makes a conscious effort to make his patients feel comfortable and at ease.  Many times he has gone the extra mile for our family in providing excellent dental health care.  His knowledge of many aspects of dentistry helps eliminate the need for some specialist appointments as he is able to fix things himself.  I appreciate that he is willing, when necessary, to provide extra services free of charge.  This shows his generous and caring nature in putting patients and their needs first, ahead of profit.  Thanks, Dr. Venier.
  • Ryan Venier is an amazing dentist.  I too use to dislike going to the dentist; however him and his staff make it a “great” experience (or at least as great as the dentist office can be).  He's very helpful, has always been on time, and pleasant to talk to.  He remembered (from our last conversation 9 months ago) that I was going on vacation and asked how it went.  Definitely makes you feel more like a person and less like “just another patient”.  I highly recommend Ryan.
  • I've gone to Dr. Ryan's dad since 1991 and changed to Ryan in 2006 when my son got his braces.  Was always available for emergency orthodontic repair, explained things and answered my questions thoroughly.
  • Dr. Ryan Venier is an excellent dentist.  He is young, energetic, and friendly, always clearly explains what he is doing, gives patients clear options (if there are any) and shows kindness to all.  I wish him well.
  • This guy is the best dentist out there - he went the extra mile to help my dental problem, is great with my kids, is on time, professional, super friendly and fast too!
  • I've always been one to really really dislike dental work.  But when I found Dr. Ryan Venier it made me realize dental work can be tolerable if you have a good dentist.  He is professional, fast (important when you dislike dental work), knows his stuff, and makes SURE that the patient is comfortable.  If you're looking for a dentist, I would recommend Dr. Venier.
  • Venier Dental picked the perfect person when they added Dr. Scott Buckley to their team! I was nervous at first to see the ‘new guy’ but he was friendly, professional and was very knowledgeable when it came to my dental problems. I will continue to see him!
  • I was nervous to go to the dentist but Dr. Buckley made me feel comfortable and fixed my sore tooth for me. It didn’t hurt at all and his staff was so nice as well.
  • I took my son to see Dr. Buckley after he fell and hurt his teeth. He was so kind and made my son feel comfortable. I would recommend him!
  • I hadn’t been to the dentist for years and was embarrassed but Dr. Buckley and his team helped me realize that I just needed to start now and get my dental problems taken care of. I can’t wait to see the finished result. Thank you Dr. Buckley!
  • Great guy! Love his socks!!!